Meditation is an Eastern ancient practice that has sparked great interest among Westerners starting in the 60s among hippie youths. The way the West sees meditation has changed with time, going from being seen as an exótic esoteric oriental practice by most to becoming revered among the well-educat

The first of the Four Noble Truths taught by Buddha was the truth of suffering. According to Buddha, everybody suffers, even the ones among us who don't realize it. For Buddhists, suffering is considered an important aspect of human life.

Buddhists believe that the mind is what travels from life to life carrying imprints of verbal and physical activity from previous lives which define the condition of the next life such as body, family, environment, and so on. Different schools of Buddhism define the mind from a specific perspective

Praying is a religious practice that many very different traditions have in common. Scientific studies show that prayers can positively affect the person who is being prayed for, nevertheless, the role that prayer plays in each religion varies.